Compare and Contrast

  Sensible Behaviour 101.

  You are a person of mature years. You have   struggled through three days’ worth of snow  in order to buy analgesics.

In Store A, a branch of an international chain, let us call it Open-Toed Sandals Ltd., the conversation goes roughly as follows:

‘Good Day, Sales Assistant. I wish to purchase Neurofen Plus.’

‘What do you want it for?’

‘Pain relief.’

‘Have you taken it before?’

‘It’s for my husband.’

‘Can’t sell it to you then. I have to speak to the person who’s going to take it.’

‘But my husband is in too much pain to leave the house.’

‘I still can’t sell it to you. It’s the new codeine regulations.’

In Store B, a small family-run village pharmacy the conversation goes as follows:

‘Mary, can you sell me Neurofen Plus?’

‘Of course, dear. Is it for Mr F?

‘It is. His shunt’s giving him pain.’

‘God love him. Will I give you twelve or twenty four? Now, you know the dose. You know not to overdo it. They say there’s more snow on the way. Did your power go off last night? Have they gritted your street? Mind yourself, so. It’s like an ice rink on that corner.’

Assuming the customer to be in their right, sensible, adult mind, which is the better option? In Store A the customer could have lied. Discuss. 


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