The Things We Do

   We’re about to  head for the airport, off to the UK for a very welcome long weekend with friends. R&R, bring it on. Our bags are packed and by the front door.  But then I noticed that our rugs are looking a bit cruddy. Just enough time to run the hoover over them.

And then I thought, ‘Why, Laurie?’ 

‘Well,’ I replied, ‘If our plane crashes I don’t want people coming into the house and saying ” Yeeeeuch! What a sadly missed, gone-before-her-time slob!’

But before I reached the cupboard to get out the vacuum cleaner sanity kicked in. Cleaning the floor for posterity? Is that nuts, or what? So here I am, blogging instead.

Meanwhile, in her biodegradable casket, Laurie’s mother goes into a fast spin.

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