The Aftermath

       One thing about a Virtual Party: no glasses to wash. Nevertheless I’m glad of a day of rest. Am I the only woman who needs to lie down with cucumber slices on my eyelids after a party rather than before?

 A Humble Companion is well and truly launched. Many thanks to all of you who showed up. And to those who didn’t, ‘where the heck were ya?’ Some people didn’t find their way to the Guestbook but were kind enough to leave comments on the blog so I decided to put all the names into the prize draw hat. Well, Superquinn carrier bag, actually. And the winners are… drum roll, please… Jeanne, Christopher, and Jane (not Mary Jane) with whom I’ll be in touch.

Now normal life resumes. I really need to catch up on all the work I’ve not been doing but this is not looking like an auspicious week for closeted concentration. Bloomsday events start tomorrow, with their typical Dublin mix of serious literary debate, great music and theatre, and fancy dress daftness. So it’s going to be a gentle, gradual return to the desk.

Perhaps just as well. Don’t want to strain anything.


  1. Ruth Edenbaum on June 10, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    I cannot believe I missed the three days – it was too early, too early, too early and now it is the 10th. Actually for a large part of those three days I was reading,” Gone with the Windsors,” which somehow I missed when it came out. I blame the whole thing on the emergency baby sitting gig we had on Thursday – at our age you can’t shake up our schedule without shaking up our memories as well.
    Apologies as I had really intended to drop in?check in? stop by?log on? ruth

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