One Minute

      I spoke too soon, promising to shut up, go away and get on with the next book. On Saturday 23rd in the UK Independent newspaper’s Books’ section you can catch One Minute with Laurie Graham. And that’s probably quite long enough.

 It’s the result of an interview conducted using the Band Aid Removal technique, i.e. done so fast you don’t have time to think about it. Perhaps it makes the answers more revealing.

Anyway, it was very flattering to be asked. I just hope the published result doesn’t make me sound too much like a woman standing in her kitchen peeling potatoes. Which is what I was.

I suppose I’d better start thinking about music for Desert Island Discs. Just in case.


  1. Lee Browne (Mrs) on June 23, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    I have just finished At Sea and loved the book – I especially enjoyed the continual references to Painted Post and Horseheads N.Y.. I grew up in Horseheads on a 120 acre farm. We were a family of 5 children and we had a wonderful childhood on the farm. I left Horseheads and went first to the University of Vermont and then took a year abroad at Trinity College Dublin where I met my English husband – we lived for 6 years in Donegal but sadly had to leave because of the troubles – we moved to Cambridge and brought up our 5 children there. I often go back to Ireland as I feel it is my second home. I have now remarried and live 6 miles south of Cambridge in Foxton,

    I would love to know if you have a connection with Horseheads – I have recommended your book to my siblings – I actually spent my last year of university at Elmira college where I graduated. I hope you are enjoying your life in Dublin – such a FUN town…

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