Drowning in Books

drowningIt isn’t the first time I’ve written on the topic of book overload but I’m hoping to turn things round this time and actually do something about it. I’m spring-cleaning, which is to say I’m dusting around the high-rise piles of Laurie Graham books. My study is starting to look like a Dubai skyline.

I tried the obvious (I thought) ploy of offering to donate pristine copies of my novels to budget-pinched libraries that have no money to buy new stock. To no avail. I was told that the time and cost of cataloguing donations was prohibitive. But I know there are librarians out there who would welcome donations and not find  the cataloguing an insuperable barrier. If you know any such treasures, please put them in touch with me.  I have hardbacks, I have paperbacks. I even have some audio books and large print editions, and I’m willing to bear the cost of mailing them. Anything, anything to get them off my shelves and into readers’ lives.

And so, back to the dusting….


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