What Would Agatha Say?

gravedigger   So how do we feel about Sophie Hannah performing CPR on another writer’s character? I think Agatha Christie’s wishes were pretty clear when she killed off Hercule Poirot. He’s been in his grave for forty years as has Agatha and it seems to me an act of gross impertinence to dig him up. I realise Sophie Hannah is a hugely successful crime writer and I know the Agatha Christie Estate agreed to the Harper Collins project, but still. Not so much a case of flogging dead horses   –  Christie’s novels are still very popular  –  more a case of flogging stolen horses.

In the unlikely event of anyone robbing my literary grave I warn them now: I shall haunt you.

Meanwhile, back at the Job Centre… Yep, I’m still unemployed. But writing anyway. Well it keeps me off the streets. My, ahem, publishers invited me to their authors’ party though. Is that a good sign? Or is it a cruel trap?

‘Everyone who thinks they’re a valued adornment to this publishing house, tuck in. Not so fast, Laurie Graham. Do not move. Step away from the peanuts.’


  1. Elizabeth Dunn on May 29, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I’m the girl in the back row waving for you and I have a feeling they will offer you your own bowl of peanuts. I see Sophie Hannah has had very mixed reviews.

  2. Louise Godbold on May 29, 2015 at 11:57 am

    You are by far my favorite writer. Too bad that publishing decisions are made by publishers and not your readers. Hopefully, they will tread carefully unless any stupid move on their part haunts them too!

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