Still Standing

Thank you, dear readers for your kind messages. It’s been a tough couple of weeks but I’m still standing. Plans A and B have now metamorphosed into Plan C, starting Monday:  dog-walking in Wiltshire, followed by a few days grannying, and then rounding off in London with a spot of Metropolitan cat-sitting, all lubricated with a glass or two. I may even get some work done.

Thanks also to those of you who left great reviews on Amazon for The Early Birds. I very much appreciate it.

So now all that remains is for me to haul down a suitcase and figure out what my better dressed friends refer to as  ‘a capsule wardrobe’. You know, the kind of outfits that will see you through from that early morning board meeting to the power party at the Groucho? Or, in this instance, from muddy bridle paths through to cut-throat games of Monster Jam Crush It.

Maybe wellies and a onesie.

Image result for onesie and wellies imagesImage result for onesie and wellies images

Wotcha think?

Back soon. Well, late June, actually.


  1. Linda Fallas on June 4, 2017 at 11:02 am

    I have read every book you’ve written and when I worked in our local library I passed your name to everyone needing a good read. The Early Birds was just wonderful! I hope it does well for you.

  2. Teresa Trafford on June 27, 2017 at 11:34 am

    Just finished Early Birds, devoured it in less than a day! I re-read Future Homemakers last week in preparation. I just wanted to say well done for keeping the voice of Peggy so alive after all the years of writing other, excellent books. Early Birds was a wonderful sequel to the lives of Peggy, English Kath, Lois, Audrey and a bit of Gail while remembering and recalling ultimate Homemaker Betty. You captured the poignancy and challenges of passing years while still retaining the humour and sheer grit of an amazing bunch of people. Laurie Graham, once more I salute you and thank you for another excellent book.

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