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Five Go to Billycock Hill by Enid Blyton

A costume SOS this morning from one of my daughters. My granddaughter has decided she wishes to go to her school’s National Book Day dressed as Anne from the Famous Five books. Anne? Great heavens. She’s the one who not only makes sure they leave their campsite as they found it but probably runs a hoover over it too.

My granddaughter is, like me, an avid and low-brow reader. She consumes Enid Blytons like Pringles: once she’s started she can’t stop.

It got me thinking. What character would I have chosen if we’d had National Book Day in the 1950s? I was greatly in awe of Darrell Rivers of the Malory Towers series mainly because she was sent away to boarding school. This seemed to me, aged 7, the very epitome of sophistication. And the clothes! They had a special uniform for every activity. Who’d want to be tucked into their own bed by Mum or Dad every night when they could be at Malory Towers having midnight feasts in the dorm. What a horrible thankless child I was.

Girl comic was another staple of my childhood reading, and in particular a weekly story which featured, among others, a mean-looking, acid-tongued blonde called Lois. I was a polite, round-faced brunette so it kind of figures. Yes, I think, given my druthers, I’d definitely go to Book Day as Lois.

None of which helps my daughter with a costume for our Connie. The only thing I can suggest is a big girlie hair bow, an apron and a duster. But you, dear reader, might have a better idea…



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