Builders In

A quick pit stop to pick up clean clothes and to announce that I have the builders in. My website will be getting a spruce-up in the next week or two, so I won’t be posting again until it’s done.

I had an utterly delicious time in France, made all the more so by the Ladies of the Lot book group who had not only very kindly read Gone With the Windsors but also fed me champagne and yummy cake. I don’t get to meet my readers all that often but when I do it’s always a treat.

I broke my journey back to Ireland with a few days in London where at long last I had time to visit the Chelsea Physic Garden. If you haven’t been, go. And if you go, take the guided tour. The guides really know their stuff. I also greatly recommend the Teeth exhibit at the Wellcome Institute, on till mid-September. Actually, the Wellcome Institute is always worth a visit. It’s a great place to take children who have reached the age of fascination with the gruesome. Nice cafe too.

Not so great was my evening at the Globe to see The Winter’s Tale. The production was okay, apart from the bear, which was rubbish, but my fellow groundlings were a nightmare. I know groundlings have a certain rowdy reputation to live up to but there was no wit in evidence, no engagement with the performance. I was surrounded by a host of pizza-snarfers, drink can droppers and phone-answering reprobates. I used to like standing in the yard but next time I think I might have to pony up for a seat and a cushion.

So now I’m off to Italy to splish in the pool with two of my granddaughters. By the time I get back I should have a shiny new website all ready for publication day. August 23rd. Should be just around the time Christmas cards appear in the shops.


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