The Zen of Unemployment


This is the button I’m definitely not going to push before, say, February’s rent is due. I’m puttering on with Volume 2  so that if/when the day to self-publish dawns I’ll have the convincing makings of a series. And when I’m not writing I’m keeping the hamster wheel of domesticity turning. The mending basket is empty for the first time in years, there is nothing suspect lurking at the back of the fridge and this week it will be time to bottle my plum vodka which is looking a rather lovely cornelian red.

Then there is YouTube. Some people find daft cat videos cheer them up, others prefer videos of dog misdemeanours. I quite enjoy tapes of comedians of yesteryear. Les Dawson and Tommy Cooper are two of my favourites, but my gold standard rib-tickler which I feel moved to share with you is this 1930s recording of Wilson and Keppel’s Sand Dance. Worth two minutes of anyone’s time, I’d say.

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