Locked Down, Locked Out, Still Standing

The news this morning, half an hour before I set off to church, was that we’re locked down again in Dublin. No church for the foreseeable, not even for a small congregation of sensible, considerate people. Meanwhile, the Millennials continue to give the finger to laws, directives and polite requests. Perhaps a senior citizen rebellion is in the offing. I’m certainly ready to lace up my shoes and join one.

For those of you who, for reasons best known to yourselves, aren’t on my mailing list, here, The Bradshaws, is the most recently published Interview With.

And for those of you who enjoy a bit of journalism, here’s a link to a piece I have in the current issue of The Spectator.

Is this a full-service blog, or what?


  1. Elizabeth Tyrrell on September 21, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Thanks Laurie. You provide great entertainment and stimulation during these “difficult” times.

  2. Lisa Eveleigh on September 28, 2020 at 9:17 am

    Laurie, I love you! And have cheering news for you. My sister Dinah ‘couldn’t see the point’ of reading before lockdown and then she suddenly did.

    It’s taken 40 -odd years for her to ask for my reading recommendations (despite me being an agent etc) so I pointed her firmly in your direction, and after PERFECT MERINGUES she’s gone onto THE TEN O’CLOCK HORSES and absolutely adored both. So you’ve got a new reader and I’m sure she’ll spread the word!

    Kindest regards, Lisa Eveleigh

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