Notes from London

I emerged from self-imposed quarantine after one week. No-one at Gatwick Airport seemed remotely interested in where I was going or who I’d be seeing, so last Monday I laced up my walking shoes and started a daily habit of wandering the empty streets of London. The Square Mile of the City is one of my favourite haunts, not least for the names of its streets. Garlick Hill, Pudding Lane, Bread Street. The building that looks like a pink, stripey Edwardian dessert is No 1, Poultry. A fabulous address, I think you’ll agree.

Look, though. No traffic. Almost everything here is dark and shuttered. My current bedtime reading, which at 880 pages also serves as a workout for my biceps, is Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and the Light, so I’d have liked to revisit the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula where Thomas Cromwell is buried, along with many who preceded him to the scaffold. But, like everything else, the Tower of London is closed. Maybe things will loosen up in December.

For me walking is the best ever brain-recharger. This morning as I passed HMS Belfast (closed to the public until further notice, natch) I heard the voice of Dr Dan resuming his story. He was quite insistent. So, tomorrow, I may begin the task of playing God. Who will survive in Book 4 and who is for the chop? To be decided. But that’ll be after I’ve walked to Postman’s Park.







  1. Catherine Bradley on November 25, 2020 at 6:36 am

    Have just discovered your blog having finished the 3rd Dr Dan book and trying to discover why your publishers stopped publishing your books…Have they misplaced their their brains?! I have so enjoyed the Dr Dan books. I bought the first one for my daughter for Christmas. She also loves your books and is a GP…it will resonate! Usually I never read the books I give her as presents before she has, then borrow them, but I thought I would just read a couple of chapters to see what they were like. Big mistake. Had to read it right through and as soon as I finished got the other 2 and read. I loved them and they are such a tonic to read during these difficult times. Am eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Please please write another soon. I enjoy all your books, my favourite is Gone With The Windsors. I read it to my father during his last couple of months when he was in a nursing home. He found it very entertaining and loved your take on the Windsors and life in their social circle. It really hit the spot!

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