Done and Dusted

A clear desk is a rare, rare thing in this house but today that’s what I have. Dr Dan 4 is off to the copy editor tomorrow, leaving me free to dust the Venetian blinds and watch cute dog videos. As usual, having finished a book I feel a mixture of relief and loss. Relief because I made it to the end. I read recently that Edith Wharton was at work on a novel when she died. Some sixty years after her death another writer ‘finished’ it for her, using her outline notes. Noooooh. It shouldn’t be allowed.

I feel loss after finishing any book because I’ve lived with its characters for a year. With Dr Dan that feeling is intensified because it’s been much more than a year. Recently I have even had Dr Dan dreams. I really need to get out more.

Will there be a Book 5? Possibly, but I’m in no hurry. Someone suggested I write another historical novel. I could. I have an idea for one and I suppose I shouldn’t be deterred by the fact that my historical novels were all disastrous commercial flops which helped land me in Self-Publishing Land. I mean, what the heck.

But first up, I’ll be moving and not just house, but country too. It will be, I hope, my last move. Or as my son wisely pointed out, my last bar one.

In other exciting news this week: I have almost perfected the art of the two finger whistle. Almost. It’s a minor bucket list item, but no less important for that. Now bring on the dog videos.




  1. Augusta Allen on October 26, 2021 at 5:33 am

    Really surprised the historical novels didn’t sell well. We’ve got all of your books and think they’re brilliant. Can’t really understand why no-one (as far as I know) has made a film or tv series out of one of them.

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