Ready, Steady, Wait…

First, business.  Dr Dan, Dr Dad is looking good and ready for publication. The Kindle edition is already available for pre-order on Amazon and the paperback will be on sale by the end of the month. Will there be a fifth book? Probably. I’d quite like to see how Dr Dan fares during the pandemic, but I may take a breather and write something else in the meanwhile. To be decided.

You might think that my move, back to the old country, with a modest amount of worldly goods, would be a simple matter. Into the van and off we go. Wrong. A move between a EU country and the UK is now the occasion for bureaucrats to create a paper-chase, with pages and pages of forms to fill and evidence to produce. As a consequence I’m going to be living out of a suitcase for a few weeks while my stuff sits in storage awaiting the magic word from HM Customs and the Inland Revenue. Ah well.

My consolation is that it will all be worth it because I’m about to take up residence in one of the most enviable cribs in London: the Charterhouse. If you don’t know it, check it out here. Someone asked me, rather impertinently I thought, how I’d managed to swing such good fortune. My reply was that I ticked all the boxes for admission to the almshouse: elderly, single and destitute. Note well, anyone planning to give up the day job and become a full-time writer. Don’t do it. Become a plumber. Get an HGV licence. Write your novel at the weekend.

I won’t be blogging while I’m in transit, so this is it until later in October. I leave the final word to Jessie Wallace channeling that old music hall star, Marie Lloyd. Enjoy.


  1. Brenda Forster on October 5, 2021 at 7:13 am

    Have just finished reading Dr Dan Dr Dad and it was amazing. I really really hope you do more. I am hooked! Thank-you Laurie very much xxx

  2. Augusta Allen on October 26, 2021 at 5:21 am

    Aaaargh! I can’t wait to read Dr Dan Dr Dad, but as I’ve got the others in paper copies, I don’t really want to get the Kindle version. Will it be out in paperback in the UK soon?

  3. Michelle Wade on November 2, 2021 at 5:30 am

    Another fabulous book, thank you. I feel as though I know these characters, the same as all of your stories, you have an incredible ear for dialogue
    It has lead me to do another re read, have just finished The Home Makers and Early Birds and have Dog Days to start this evening
    Thank you Laurie

  4. Catherine Bradley on November 2, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    Like Augusta I was waiting for the paperback as I don’t get on with Kindle. I found it on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, but looking again now the paperback no longer features. Is it because there has been a run on it?
    Well I read it very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dan is maturing as a doctor and it is nice that we get to see some of the previous characters as well as new ones, although I must admit, like a reviewer on Amazon, I kind of miss Chloe.
    Am hoping there will be a 5th instalment sometime…but if you want a break from Dan, Laurie, would love something along the lines of Gone With the Windsors, my absolute favourite. No idea who you could write about though.
    I hope you have settled in to your new home. I lived in Charterhouse Square for a couple of years nearly 50
    years ago when I was a Barts nurse. Barts owned several of the flats in the big Art Deco block there, used in ITV for Poirot’s residence. A really interesting part of London.
    Thank you so much for Dan…..please keep writing.

  5. Lis Taylor on November 13, 2021 at 9:02 am

    Please let me know where I can buy a paperback copy of Dr Dan, Dr Dad? The only option on Amazon seems to be Kindle…

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